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New TagDat App to compete with Yelp

Photo credit: Techcrunch

A new app called TagDat is now available in verious apps store will compete with Yelp. The app was designed by Bailey Li and his team. TagDat will use emogi to perform business review. According to her, Yelp buries its most useful information and even when he doesn't, the results are not good. 

TagDat is a local business reviews app. Li and her partner intend to target the U.S market. She plans to create interest were Yelp is not well known.

Li intends to analyze how users describe its listings using predetermined tags and sell detailed analyses to the businesses it lists other than using advertising revenue.

Bailey Li has very little social life. She is o Intagram as @baileyragdoll were she post photos of her cat. She has more than 24k followers there.

She is an 11th grader at Santa Cruz’s Kirby prep school, there she spent most of the time during the weeken coordinating the launch of her new app. She is a cofounder of the app along with Wilson Li, both have no personal relationship.

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