Microsoft Job cut may reach 3,000 Employees But that is not the Amazing part of it

I have earlier reported that Microsoft will be laying off some of its sales and marketing staff this year. However, the number was'nt known by me then. According to a news posted by Nigeria communications Week, Microsoft may actually be cutting off 3,000 Employees. However, some of them may be giving new Job roles, since the company only want to reduce its traditional sales staff.

But that is not the amazing neither is it terrifying. But why? According to the same source, laying off of workers by Microsoft has become a tradition. The company has actually retrenched 18,000 employees in 2014. Last year alone, Microsoft layoff 2,850 staff of which 900 are sales staff.

As I said earlier, it seems it has becomes a tradition for Microsoft to cutoff Jobs, all for the name of one commercial term called "reorganisation". Who knows how many employees will be layoff next year by 1st of July when that company will begin its next financial year.

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