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See new Photos of the iPhone8 Ahead of launch

More photos of iPhone 8, Apple new flagship smartphone has appeared online yesterday. And it looks exactly as previous leaked photos. The photos revealed the 3-D view of the iPhone. As you can see here.
The Retina view, as shown above, revealed that the device will truly has a very small bezel. The screen or retina will cover a larger portion of the phone. You can also see that the Touch ID feature common in iPhone ecosystem was removed. Rumours has it that it that Apple may replace the Touch ID with a facial scanner.

The next photo leaked out unveiled the rear view of the iPhone 8. There are two camera in vertical format. This year, most high budget phones are having the dual camera features. The Google Pixels expected to be released almost the same period with the iPhone 8 will also comes with dual rear camera. Also the LG V30 will have a horizontal dual rear camera and the Nokia 8 also has similar camera features. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active to be launched by August were also seen with dual rear camera.

The third photo that was revealed yesterday shows the right hand corner view. You can see two buttons there. The top one will certainly be the volume up/down button. Well as for the button below. I have no idea for now, if you do, please leave a comment.

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