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Five Reasons and solutions on why your iTunes Payment in Naira do not pull through

Probably, you're trying to pay up your subscription on iTunes store or Apple music with Nigeria ATM card but it didn't pull through, below are five reasons why this may have occurs and the solutions to it.

You well know that since 2016 Apple has started allowing payment of subscription on iTunes and Apple music using Nigeria currency, Naira. Before then, Nigerians who subscribe to these services make use of dollar credit cards. Since they have to pay in dollars. However, from December, 2016 onward, Apple has allowed payments to be made via Naira.

When it begins many persons have complained of the impossibility of this as Nigerian ATM cards weren't working for these procedures. A source claimed that when, Apple introduces these payment method, only UBA bank's ATM was able to processed the payment.

However, from Apple community, I gathered that the issue of the inability to pay lies with the Nigerian banks and not with Apple. This issues may have been resolved by banks. However, if you still experience it, any of the methods below may be a way out of the challenges.

Dynamic currency conversion (DCC) This is also called cardholder preferred currency (CPC). DCC is the process whereby the amount of a Visa or MasterCard transaction is converted by a merchant or ATM to the currency of the payment card's country of issue at the point of sale, as explained by wikipedia.

What this means is, when you write out your card information when paying for iTunes or Apple music, your bank (merchant) will convert and process the payment using the Naira, instead of dollars. So, if you try paying for these services and you receive an SMS telling you DCC issues, then it means that your bank (merchant) do not yet have this service available. What you need to do is try another bank. To my knowledge, GTB has this service.

One Time Password (OTP) Some merchant sent a one time password to your phone number. The password sent is what you will use to complete your payment. You cannot use the pin anymore once it is used. A reason for using OTP is for security purposes. If you have lost your ATM card phone number, then you will not be able to complete the payment process for your iTunes or Apple music subscription. What you will do is go to your bank to change your phone number to the current one you're using. By the way, do not forget to tell your banker about the problem.

No Cash in Your Account If you do not have money on your bank account while you tried to make payment on iTunes store or Apple music, you may not be able to use the card any other time especially when you now have money on your bank account. So, ensure that you only use your ATM when there is money in your bank account.

Your ATM card blocked Your ATM may be block for the third reason mentioned above or for non-corresponding phone number. If this happen then, you cannot subscribed for iTunes or Apple music services. You will need to settle the issue with your bank before you can continue the online payment.

Change your Billing Address The fifth way I think you can use to settle this issue is by changing your billing address. If you use you address in Nigeria, then you must pay in Naira and it is also possible that your bank (merchant) has not solved the DCC issues. Then, the last advice I have for you is to change your billing address to USA. With this you can use your Nigerian ATM card to pay for your Apple iTunes and music subscription.

Well, this is all I have for now. If you have any other idea on how to handle this, I appreciate you tell me and other readers of this blog by commenting on the comment box below.

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