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There is now a crisis response platform on Facebook

Facebook has introduces a crisis response platform were people where disaster occur can response to their safety condition. Facebook Owner, Mark Zuckerberg says, its team has combined "Safety Check, Community Help, and Fundraisers" to form the new crisis response hub.

The new Facebook platform which you can find on your Facebook webpage and app has four pages. Safety check, Community Help, Fundraising and links to photos, videos and articles that provide information regarding disaster areas.

We think this is important infrastructure for helping to keep our global community safe. We're investing a lot in building these tools at Facebook. Thanks to all of you who are doing your part to keep each other safe.
Mark Zuckerberg said.

Is this crisis response hub available in Nigeria? Probably. I checked my Facebook page but didn't find it. However, a Facebook friend of mine who lived in the United States uses it before the news on the new hub appears on Facebook newsroom and on Mark Zuckerberg Facebook page.

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