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Apple inc is facing another lawsuit, this time on Animoji

Apple is facing another lawsuit for the use of the name Animoji in one of the features of the new iPhone X launched on 12th of October this year. Though, Apple plans to make the smartphone available this November, this new charge may be a bottleneck.

According to Reuters, a Japanese base software company sue Apple on Wednesday over the trademark term animoji. The company claimed that it has registered this name under the US law and was used in iPhone X without their permission.

The software company, Emonster kk Chief Executive Officer, Enrique Bonansea said its launched the animating texting app in 2014 which it called Animoji and its available for download in Apple store meaning that the US tech giant is very well aware of the app.

Emonster is suing for damages and want the Federal high court in San Francisco to stop Apple from using this trade name. Apple innovate the front camera face detection capability to also detect the your facial expressions and used it to form emojis you can use to chat.

This is not the first lawsuit against Apple inc. Qualcomm is also suing Apple for a copyright infringement in the way the company uses Intel chips on iPhone product in the US. But the chip company do not stop there. It takes it's crusade to China, suing that iPhone product should be ban in China.

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