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In China, Qualcomm is doing what its can to ban iPhones

Actually, this year the law battle between Qualcomm and Apple, the maker of iPhone8, 8 Plus and iPhone X has been ongoing in the United states. This time, Qualcomm is taking it to China, and its doing everything its can to ban iPhone over there.

The truth is and especially in the part of the world where I live in, nobody wants to do business with anyone who will always take any differences between them to the court. For certain, that business is on the verge to collapsed.

But fortunately, that is not the case in the US, they believe in court proceedings. And no wonder Qualcomm is wasting precious fund it should have used for growth and development of it's company, for legal battles.

Who knows, the expenses of Qualcomm this year may exceed it's income. Or probably majority of it's fund may fall under other comprehensive income. Well all these are what I taught.

Back to the news, Reuters reported that Qualcomm takes this legal battle to a intellectual property court in Beijing. The chip company is suing patent infringement and wants injunction relief from Apple.

The legal battle has actually begins since January this year. Apple was the first to sue Qualcomm. But Qualcomm retaliated and countersued Apple claiming that Apple has brigade it intellectual property rights on the Apple is using Intel chips. Further, the International Trade Organisation also begins investigations on the matter latter on. But it's seems like Qualcomm has not succeeded in the lawsuit in the US before its taking it to China.

Reuters further reported that the shares of Qualcomm has actually dropped in marginally while that of Apple's increases marginally.

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