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Facebook Launched Five Programs its bringing to Nigeria

Mark zuckerberg during his Lagos visit
Source: Venture Africa

Facebook hold an event yesterday with tech startups entreprenuers and the media. Ebele Okobi, Facebook Public Policy Director and Emeka Afigbo, the Head of Platform Partnership Middle East and Africa unveiled the five programs. Co Creator Hub, popularly known as Cchub host the event. Cchub is also in partnership with Facebook.

Five programs were launched at the event. While Ebele Okobi launches four of the programs, Emeka Afigbo launched the fifth. Before, stating the new initiatives, Ebele mention some statistics that influences the new initiatives. She said that Facebook goal is to keep people empowered and bring the world closer together. To achieve this objectives, Facebook will be investing and partnering with SMEs, creators, tech experts and students to help improve Nigeria's economic and social development.

Now here are the four programs listed by Ebele Okobi.

Facebook for business. This will focus on training SMEs on digital medium to market and grow their product.

Creative Entrepreneurship training. Photographers, film makers, bloggers and more that are involved in the creative industry will be trained through this platform.

Online Safety and digital legacy. Through this initiative, Facebook will be training students of secondary schools and tertiary institutions on various research projects that are technology related. And the axiom of digital safety will be impacted on this students.

Partnership Boot camps: She said here that various booth camps will be created to help entrepreneurs. One of such boot camp which will begin in 2018 is the Entrepreneur boot camp. This boot camp is in partnership with Faith Foundation. Ebele claimed that Facebook is partnering with organisations such as Africa Development Banks and others to bring about these boot camps.

She then invited Emeka Afigbo who stated the fifth initiative from Facebook. Emeka said that an incubator hub will be launched in Lagos to assist tech expert in areas of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Machine Learning (ML). These experts do not need to have their tech startup to apply for the incubator hub. The hub was named Nigeria Community Hub (NG_Community Hub).

Facebook is planning to train 50,0000 SMEs entrepreneurs, students, creators and more through these programs. The initiatives will not only benefit Lagos, but will be extended to Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and more. In future, it will be expanded to other parts of Africa.

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