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NCC reports 18000 Plus Consumers Complaints. See the Good and Bad sides

Nigerian Communications Commission, NCC, has released a report showing the number of consumers who sent complaints to them. All telecommunications providers' consumers complaints were included in the list. MTN has a bad side on a particular data while Airtel seems to be the best in the report.

The report shows that the total number of complaints received by the Commission is 18,711 for quarter three of 2017. Quite small, if compared with the number of persons in Nigeria registered via all telecommunications companies. This may indicates proper services by the telcos or consumers don't complaint over issues with their service provider or still they aren't aware of NCC toll free lines and social media network used to sent queries by users.

According to the report, the figure was collated based on complaints filed by consumers using NCC Toll free line (622), social media handles, consumer web portal and and written complaints.

The Bad side of MTN

Here is the bad side of MTN. Out of the 18,711, MTN has the bulk of it with 10,902 consumer complaints, which is 58.3 percent of the total figure. This is alarming! However, based on my assumption stated above, it is likely that most telecoms consumer that are aware of NCC consumer complaint medium uses MTN. Well, other assumptions should not be neglected.

Source: NCC

Back to the data, Globacom was second on the list with 2,932. Followed by Airtel and 9Mobile with 2,629 and 2,227 respectively.

The Good side of Airtel

In the report, Airtel responded well to consumer complaint than other Mobile Network Operators, MNO. The rate of success in handle complains by MNOs was placed at ≥98 percent. Though, Airtel, didn't meet the target but has performed better than others by achieving 97 percent of the target rate. A difference of one percent. As you can see in the report.

Source: NCC

Areas where consumers complaint

NCC 3rd quarter report also revealed the areas where telecommunications consumers makes complaints. At least nine areas was mentioned and Billing has the bulk of it. 51 percent of complaints actually comes from this area followed by Value Added Tax of 14 percent and SMS/MMS complaints of 9 percent. This is stated in the chart provided by NCC.

Source: NCC

Billing related complaints include the following:

  • deductions from activations of unsolicited VAS and telecom promotions and products.
  • Over deductions (Inaccurate charges)
  • Charges for unauthorized services
  • Charges for unsuccessfully call
  • Charges for undelivered SMS
  • Inability to charge tariff plan
  • Virtual top-up deducted but not received
  • Charges for caller Ring Back Tune not downloaded, etc.

Finally, if compared with Q1 and Q2 of 2017, consumers made more complaints in Q3. The percentage increase was put at 21 percent by the commission. As posited by the NCC, complaint rate increased as a result of the "rise in the level of consumers' awareness of NCC 622 toll free line as a channel of lodging complaints by Telecom Consumers."

Do you think NCC is meeting its' goals of creating consumers' awareness? Let's hear from you.

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