Photo of the world first Blockchain Smartphone and its features

Fortunately for me, I saw the first ever Blockchain smartphone as well as its features. Ethical Hackers and pioneers of blockchains claimed that the use of Blockchains by organisations and individuals will help reduced hacking. They claimed that its difficult to hack a Blockchain software because its uses Encrypted Coins.

Blockchains are usually secured. This new phone uses Encryption of Things, EOT. It is made by BitVault. From the photo, the Blockchain smartphone is not different from our regular android and iOS phones.

The phone features include secured calling, secure messaging, Dynamic key creation, cryptocurrency wallet and BitVault App store. Let's start with secured calling.

With secure calling the device uses advanced cryptography to enable the public key to public key calling. Cryptocurrency transactions are used to create multi-layer encryptions.

Secure messaging uses the same cryptographic methods for secure messaging. BitVault to BitVault messaging is multi-layered encrypted.

Secure Document Transfer enables a user sends a document created on a laptop or a PC via the BitVault as an attachment, these documents are transferred over a private blockchain separate from the BitVault communication environment. Both the sender and receiver will need to download an application on their respective computers to send or receive documents. Keys to open these documents will be securely transmitted from BitVault to BitVault. In this way, outside documents can never enter the BitVault communication environment keeping it safe from malware.

In secure browsing, using blockchain technology, the BitVault dynamically verifies websites through a set of confirmation steps. Browsing with the BitVault is severely restricted and controlled by stringent rules to ensure the integrity of the environment.

Dynamic Key Creation uses biometric identification and NFC technology. The user creates private and public keys every time the device is used. These keys are never stored anywhere and can only be created by the specific user. These keys are used for encryption of transactions, communication and other applications on the device.

Cryptocurrency wallets is used in BitVault applications and also comes with native cryptocurrency wallets. The BitVault will ship with the following wallets installed; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, EOT.

BitVault App Store will be open to enterprise developers. Enterprises could develop proprietary applications dedicated to their customers.

However, the date of launch nor the date of released wasn't stated.

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