Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Photos of Students in Rwanda Creating their own Robot After been Trained on Robotics

This photos showed certain students in Rwanda who created a robot. This robot was created after the Robotic Camp Rwanda which takes place recently.

The students are also studying Robotics with BK TechHouse Rwanda. BK TechHouse were the host of the training and also presented the above photos to revealed what Rwanda Robotics students are doing. The training has been done for three weeks.

"After a Day off, Our students are back for the #RoboticsCampRw where they were challenged to create their own codes, program their robots from scratch with no help from their facilitators which enables them to be problem solvers & think outside the box," says BK TechHouse.

Robotics training helps solve social and economic problems in a country. Empowering youths on it, is a bold steps by BK TechHouse.