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Apple may first Samsung in Producing a Bending Smartphone and this will be bad for Android OEMs

Report revealed that Apple, makers of iPhones, iPad and Mac maybe ahead of Samsung in manufacturing a bending smartphone. The report bluntly stated that in two years, that is, in 2020, Apple may have launch a bending smartphone.

However, Apple is not the first OEMs company planning to launch a bending phone, Samsung does! Samsung plans a Galaxy X smartphone that bends and the leaks had been unveiled every year for the past three years now. So, if Samsung isn't fast enough to unleashed it, it may be bad for Android OEMs. Apple has always used its market advantage to unveiled new features which is latter cloned by other smartphone makers.

An example is the notch in the screen of the iPhone X. Though, Apple was not the first to introduce a notch on smartphone, Essential smartphone was, but, it was only when Apple does theirs, other OEMs started making their smaetphones to have a notch.

So, this will be really bad for Samsung and the Android OEMs community, if Apple implement this first. Forbes quoting TechRader interview of an executive of Qualcomm, shown that the technology to produce a bending Android phone isn't ready yet.

"Display technology that allows OLEDs to repeatedly bend and move simply isn’t ready. Qualcomm’s Salman Saeed damningly said that phone manufacturers haven’t really cracked the material science right now to produce electrodes that can repeatedly withstand bending and folding" a quote from Forbes said.

Moreover, Samsung had released a semiconductor that will be smaller and creates more space for Android OEMs using Qualcomm chips. The 7nm nanometer semiconductor will replaced 10nm conductors in making Qualcomm 5G enabled system on chips Samsung said in a blog post.

Image source: Forbes

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