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This new Smart Pen may Competes Apple Pencil but can only be used by Educators

One of what was launched in yesterday's Apple Educational event in Chicago was the Legitech Crayon. A great pen which may be preferred by educators using Apple iPhone or iPad in teaching their students. The Legitech Crayon works on all Apple iPad and do not requires a pair via Bluetooth connection to work on other iPads.

More to it, the Crayon is less expensive compared to the Apple pencil. It will cost half the price of Apple Pencil. Teachers can used it on students' iPad says TheVerge. Unlike Apple Pencil, it has a on/off button.

It has a female lightning port which is similar to that of an iPad, so, the iPad Lightning cable can also be used to charge the Legitech Crayon. It will be sold for $49 which is less expensive compared to Apple Pencil sold for $99. This only means that it will competes quite well with Ape Pencil.

The date of release is yet unknown. But it is certain that it will only be available through Apple Educational Purchase program. The Smart Pen may not be compatible with previous iPads except the current iPad.

Image source: 5to9Mac

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