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Three Facebook Users sue Facebook for data privacy bridge

Three Facebook messenger users had sue the social media company, Facebook over collection of calls and text data. Facebook is currently facing a lawsuit regarding Cambridge Analytical use of Facebook data reported a couple of weeks ago by the Guardian.

A court case regarding the aforementioned is already in the Federal High court in Northern District of California and the class action is on behalf of all affected users, Reuters said.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, had replied earlier that its certain apps made by developers collect data from users if the users consent to it. He claimed that Facebook do not collect content on calls and test messages. Such content are securely stored and are not sold to third parties.

However, the recent scandal on Facebook has made Mozilla stopped Facebook Ads for fear of losing data relating to their bank account. Also, Elon Musk, proud owner of Tesla, Space X, SolarCity and other companies had ordered this companies to delete their Facebook business page which they did.

Facebook privacy issue is no joke. According to TopVPN Canada, Facebook has tonne of information about each user. Even information you don't think are important such as likes to a post or sending a sticker, Facebook keeps all this information. The source also claims that everything you do with your phone, can be assessed by Facebook. Probably, you visit a dating website or you buy a new smartphone.
This info is been used by Facebook to give you personalised ads and update your News feeds.

Facebook is not the only tech company having access to all your information, Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other tech company you have given permission to access your data, have these knows every much about your privacy.

Source: Reuters

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