Harvard University is interested in Nigerian e-commerce space-Marek Zmyslowski

It will interest you to know that Harvard university is interested in Nigerian e-commerce space. A post from co-founder of Hotels Online, Marek Zmyslowski revealed this. He mentioned a friend studying MBA at Harvard university. The friend sent to him a case on Jumia vs Konga which a professor at the university is currently working on.

Marek Zmyslowski is of the view that such acknowledgement shoes recognition but not a price tag. He said:
 I'm not talking about the value of the presentation itself. But the fact that Nigerian e-commerce is being discussed in Harvard. You can't put a price tag on Jumia's and Konga's value in developing the market.

In a report from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017, Jumia was placed on number 44 out of 50 of the most smartest companies in the world. That was Jumia's first appearance on MIT's smartest companies list. Jumia was valued at 1.1 billion Dollars.

A reason for placing Jumia on the list was as a result of Jumia use of Jforce team to help people no or limited access to internet services to order on Jumia online and to assist other not comfortable with ordering online by themselves. This year, it was reported that Jumia made loss worth 112.9 US Dollars. The company is planning on issuing an IPO later this year.

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