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Infinix Note 5 is coming to Nigeria. Are you ready.

Infinix is planning on a launch of the Infinix Note 5. The likely date for the launch is Sunday, base on a promotional material from Infinix on Thurday. The postal was writing “three days” which may likely prove my suggested 24th of June launch date.

Infinix Note 5 is 2018 Infinix Mobility flagship smartphone. Last year, the tech giant released the Infinix Note 4 and Note 4 Pro to he Nigeria consumer market. The Infinix Note 5 will be a major update to the previous upgrade, especially in design.

Infinix introduces full view, bezel-less technology into their phone design this year. Therefore, the Note 5 will certainly utilized this feature. More to that, the Android Oreo will power the Note 5. In fact, the slogan Android One is one a promotional material. Infinix Mobility may also use Qualcomm snapdragon chipset as it has use it in a previous middle range smartphone launched this year. And the camera? Infinix Mobility promises a better upgrade, also.

What more? Probably, you are thinking of the price! Same here. The price will be communicated on the day of launch. Okay, the place of launching in Dubai.

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