Linda Ikeji TV has more views in the US and Nigeria

Linda Ikeji TV has been available for less than two weeks and its making wave. Recent post on IG by the IG star, Linda Ikeji revealed an overwhelming view of the streaming technology platform.

United States of America has the highest view. At least, 4.1 TB of data has been used to stream the mobile app and web platform. Nigeria is the second, using 4.0 TB of data. Other countries that follows are United Kingdom which has used 3.5TB of data, Canada 1.7TB and Germany 290GB. Earlier, you may recalled that the app on google play store reaches 10,000 downloads in a single week.

Linda Ikeji TV promises to be the next Netflix which is a streaming subscription service in the US in Nigeria by Nigeria and also to the world. With the latest reality shows, movies as well as a well prepared user interface and an smart view, unlike other streaming services, Linda Ikeji TV is well prepared for this.

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