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5G to be Installed in Nigeria in 2020.MTN

Two years from now, Nigeria will join the 5G league. 5G has already been spoken of well enough last year. Nokia, Ericson, Samsung, among others have already provided the infrastructure for 5G. MTN Nigeria reported that in two years time, precisely, 2018, Nigeria will use 5G network connectivity.

The Information was provided by Ferdi Moolan, represented by Bayo Adekambi who is he Chief Transformation Officer of MTN, Nigeria.

5G Network has already been tested in South Africa, MTN Headquarter. This is as a result of MTN partnership with Ericson in 2017. During testing, the tech giant, has a result of 20Gbps in less than 5 minutes. This speed is the highest in Africa.

The deployment of 5G will lead to great development in Nigeria especially, in the area of business, health and education.

The CEO of MTN, Ferdi Moolan said that, for this to work, a good economic climate is necessary for Nigerians. He said that tax should be reviewed and government should view telecom infrastructure as national assets. If these are done, it will attract foreign investment in the country. He said:

5G will make our life better, drive incremental capacity and open up new businesses. MTN as a company is constantly making efforts to break barriers by democratising voice and data connectivity in order to improve subscriber experience, and has invested over N800bn in infrastructure in Nigeria.

Qualcomm has already promised 5G network to be on Mobile devices from 2019. If MTN achieved their goal, majority of Nigerians, who are mobile, may start using 5G in 2023.

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