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Expired (dot)NG Domains will now Attract Fines

New information from Nigeria Internet Registration Association, NiRA, has proclaimed that Nigeria domain names that are expired will now attract a fine before it is renewed. Generally, NG domain names cannot be transferred to another domain registry unless it has the owner has repaid for the domain name. Furthermore, transfer of NG domain names is now free, according to the source.

The new law stated that domains that have expired would attract a fine of 1000 Naira in addition to the fixed cost paid to the domain registry. This new rule shall take effect from August 1st, 2018.

Domains are expired only if they have passed 30 days grace period. The new law will force owners of websites using Nigeria domain names to quickly pay for their domains to avoid such fine. In June, registered domain names amounted to 4,589. Domains that were renewed were 2,399 while 85 domains names were transferred. 118,264 domains were active according to NiRA.

Expired (dot)NG Domains will now Attract Fines Expired (dot)NG Domains will now Attract Fines Reviewed by Jeremiah Evwierhurhoma on July 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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