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Four Points worthy of knowing on Google Android One

Android One is a trendy word these days. Many phones launched this year are said to be an Android One smartphones. A phone launched this month, Xiaomi Mi A2 and the Lite version, are Android One smartphones. Also, Infinix Mobility launched a smartphone this year and it is an Android One Smartphone. Further, most of Nokia's smartphones usually carries the Android One name and partnership. Android One is a name giving to all Android smartphones that are made in partnership with Google. Such phones majorly used google apps and Artificial Intelligence.

But, Google is known to be the owner of Android operating system, why do they need a partnership with tech companies? Technology companies using Android operating system are free to use whatever apps they wish to install. Some smartphone markers render Google Play Store useless and instead use other Play Store like Mobo Play. Others do not allow for NFC. Phones that do not have NFC pre-installed means it can't utilise the services of Google Pay. You see, there is a need for google partnership with smartphones creators.

Google Android One partnership seems to be the smartest choice for Android phones. Why so! So many benefits. This doesn't claim that smartphones without Android One partnership with Google are not worth using. Here are four points you should note on Google Android One partnership.

The Use of Google Artificial Intelligence. 

Though without partnering with Google smartphones companies still uses Google Artificial Intelligence, AI. Google AI is the Google Assistant. You can say "Ok Google" to speak with it. This AI uses machine learning to understand users behaviour and help such user work smarter with their smartphones. 

Enhanced Battery Performance

Phones with Android One means it uses all Google mobile applications as I have already mentioned. With that, Google AI can understand which apps are mostly use, then works on enhancing the battery life. Background applications that drain battery juice are taking care of by Google OS, and the apps are optimised to ensure longer battery life. Further, your phone battery will not go low when it is not in use. 

Smartphones are Secured and Safe.

With Google Play protect, your smartphones, with Android One, are secured and as well safe to use. You do not need to be afraid of malicious mobile app. All applications on the Play Store are scanned and verified by Google Play protect. According to Google, at least 50 billion apps are scanned and verified every day by Google Play protect. These apps include the ones you have installed on your mobile phone. Also, Google Android OS will gets monthly security updates to fix security patches. Updating your Android phone regularly will keep you safe and secured.

Phone Storage is Optimized

Android One partnership with Google enhance storage space. Google provides free cloud storage for your photos, documents, etc. This provides more space on your internal and external memory. Google drive safes your documents on the cloud if you use Google Doc app. And Google photos saves your pictures in the Cloud as well. More pictures to snap and more documents to save. You can always access your documents and photos even though you misplaced your smartphone.

Now the question is, is your phone a Android One Smartphone? I appreciates your comments.

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