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Jumia Flex helps you Buy Now and Pay Later

Jumia has introduced a new online platform to help its customers buy items they can’t afford on immediate payment and pay in installment. Jumia' actual and potential customers can now buy gadgets like laptops, televisions, smartphones and more now and pay later on installment. With this new platform, called Jumia Flex, people can now enjoy electronics devices now and pay up in installment. This is Jumia way of improving he standard of living of Nigerians and Africa.

Customers can buy high end gadgets like Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, iPhone X, MacBook, and so on, enjoy it while paying for it little by little. Jumia has set up a flexible repayment plan which the customer can choose from. Between three months or six months with varying payment option. The customer on Jumia Flex debt will be withdrawn automatically from their bank account through the ATM card provided on first deposit. Jumia promises that there will never be any hidden charges on this one. To qualify to use Jumia Flex, you must meet the requirements on the image below. Only Jumia customers in Lagos will enjoy this feature for now.

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