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Team Capsella, a female team won Figma Africa Ghana Edition

Team Capsella was reported to have won the Dogma Africa. The team will go home with a sum of 500 U.S Dollars. They won the award after competing with fourteen teams at the event centre, Ingressive.

Team Capsella happens to be the second team on the list to pitch their product at the final day of the boothcamp, if I can call it so. The first team, KILM want to bring in real time collaboration platform for developers to encourage learning from pair to pair programming. They represent a product name, Dropout.

Team Capsella, won the competition, and was the second team. The team introduce a product, FemChat, a health platform where females can discuss related health issues. Builders, team three, present an app to help companies distributing water to properly track water consumption. Team Four, on the other hand, present an app that will help for easier travelling. Especially, in the process of buying tickets. The team name is Team Bigs.

Team five, Upendo, presented Crowd funding platform with a better verification enabled measures to prevent fraud. Team Six, XX1 create an application for tracking problem related to filth by ensuring awareness of ads. Team seven, however, named 10X, built an app, "Trades By Design," a freelance marketplace for buyers of designs and designers.

For team eight, Alensa, presented Prepster. The platform will learning a fun through games. Team nine, present a platform, Kane, to connect mentors with mentees. Team Ten, Anonymous by name, create an app for book donations. Team eleven, Zen home, created app that can help manage electricity consumption. Team twelve, provides a platform that collect health data offline.

Team thirteen, Kromu, programmed an app that will ensure advertisements of local products. The final team, Team fourteen made a mobile app that serves as a must go reference for mothers with new babies.

Apparently, team Capsella won the prize. The event which was sponsored by Github and Figma Africa was held in Accra, Ghana.

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Thanks to Edem Kumodzi for the highlight on twitter. 
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