BlackBerry Parent Company, TCL may Produce Foldable Smartphones in 2020

The call for foldable smartphones is gaining more momentum. Aside Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, and Apple, who are yet to launch foldable phones, at CES event, Royole succeeded in launching one known as Royole Flexpai. But BlackBerry parent company, TCL is also joining in the race.

A recent post of CNET who has assess to information from TCL confirms five possible foldable smartphone from the company. Two of which is are tablets, the other three are smartphones. One of the tablets' flexible display folds inwards like a clamshell while the other folds outwards similar to the Royole Flexpai launched at CES event in January.

The Smartphones on its parts also folds outwards for one of he variant and inwards for the other variant. The third smartphone will curve into a cuff on a wrist to a smartwatch pattern. We know that Samsung was the first in the past two to three years alerting fans of its plans to create a foldable smartphone. However, the TCL foldable tablets do not follow the same pattern as Samsung.

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Samsung is set to launch its foldable smartphone this month in San Francisco, USA. However, TCL may likely launch a foldable smartphone in 2020. So, you shouldn't expect anyone this year. The Chinese tech company is planning on foldable display beyond smartphones. It may also uses this technology on its other consumer electronic products lime TV gadgets.

TCL is known for manufacturing affordable electronics. The name for the foldable smartphone is not known for now. And the images above are tentative, the company may decide to adjust it or not create it at all. On the other hand, Google has promises to provide Android updates that will support foldable screen.

TCL plans to join the foldable race is a right step as latest smartphone technology seems not to get better upgrades in terms of new tech design. Therefore, most technology companies are shifting their resource to foldable smartphones.

Royole mentioned earlier spent a few years to research and develop foldable device which will be released in December. Apple has filled for patent on its foldable device design. For now, Samsung may be the first to release a smartphone that folds. However, the name for it is not clear. It may be called, Galaxy X, Galaxy F, Galaxy Fold, and so on. But in 20th of February, the Samsung will announce a me for it.

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