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PiggyBank, a Nigeria fintech start-up, will change its name to Piggyvest in the next few weeks. The company is known for providing a platform where individuals can save money for future use.
Since inception in 2016, Piggybank (Piggyvest) has grown into one of Nigeria's top financial service company competing with the likes of Alat by Wema, Paylater, and others. Piggybank has more than 200,000 registered users worldwide, who, in January, 2019 saved more than one billion Naira.

The start-up has many investment products to help cultivate good saving habits. Savelock, Target Savings, Piggyflex, Avonflex which is an insurance product and lots more. The company got its name from the English word of a person who save money during a box, the box in English tradition is called Piggybank.

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The change of name to Piggyvest is not new. Last year Paylater, a platform that helps people borrow money in less than five minutes and also get a credit score for repaying the money on time introduces a new product called Payvest. The Payvest was to help people invest their money for a simple interest higher than what banks will give you.

One reason for Piggybank transition to Piggyvest, is that the saving platform is growing into more of a financial managent paltform. It also promises to add more investment products within he next 12 months. However, its primary savings product will remain.

Piggybank is available as a mobile app in Android and iOS devices. On Google Play Store alone, it had made more than 50 thousand download which is 25 percent of the total register users earlier stated. You can also use the saving platform through it website.

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