We haven't even started with 5G, 10G cellular network is campaigned

With the released of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus with 5G network capacity, the world is in expectation to use the 5G device on their cellular at least from March this year. Though, report showed that the 5G package on the Galaxy S10 line-up will first be available to the United States through, Verizon, a US base telecom service provider.

The rest of the world would get theirs later on. In Africa, MTN promises to make 5G network available in 2020 in South Africa. After which it will take it to other part of the countries in Africa were it operates including Nigeria. Why we are eargerly awaiting this profound network services that promises better internet speed, many persons in Africa are yet to experience 4G network.

With this in mind, a report revealed that 10G may be on its way. It is likely that one of the things to showcase at the upcoming Mobile World Congress is definitely 10G! And the report claimed that a field trial will begin in 2020. Therefore, 10G may be the talk of the town soon.

This is Holy Shit

We have only heard of 5G, even the United States of America's President, Donald Trump in a tweet was motivating American's telecommunication companies to be the first to unleashed 6G. Mainwhile, another source is reporting a possible 10G base on campaign. This is certainly an Holy Shit. Mobile network started from 1G. The second generation was 2G while 2019 see the released of the fifth generation.

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But 10G if innovated this early, will therefore not follow a generation pattern. A 10G network means that network service speed will operate at 1 Gigabit per speed (Gbps). Recently, network speed don't get up to that. However, 10G is telecom companies way of providing optimum network service. If reached, the goal is achieved.

With 5G already here, technology will take new look, starting from self driving cars to drones. You phones will get more smarter, if you're not careful, probably smarter than you in some ways. Video streaming will be more efficient for smartphone users. Companies may decide to switch from cable and fibre services to a more efficient cellular network. The question, is smartphones ruling the world?

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