Taxify renamed as Bolt to reflex the tech firm aspiration

Taxify, a popular ride-hailing business in Nigeria, only second to King Uber had change its name to Bolt. As you can see from the photo, instead of the name Taxify, it is called Bolt with its new logo. The announcement was made known on Thursday, 7th of March, 2019.

For five years, the Estonian base transport tech company had operated in many countries including Nigeria. It had drives more than 25 million customers since inception and now in 30 countries in Europe and Africa. The tech firm is in six Africa countries including Nigeria and plans to expand its horizon to more countries in Africa this year 2019.

The company had provides a range of transport services in Urban centres. Its uses cars, public transports and scooters as its medium of transporting people in Urban centres. In Nigeria, high profile cars are used by Taxify (now Bolt) to move people from one location to another. Taxify is the first ride-hailing company to combine scooters and cars transport in a single mobile application.

Speaking on the change of name, the Founder and CEO of the transport tech business, Markus Villig, made these points known:

  • Taxify provides convenient and affordable ridding services.
  • Its first product was a taxi dispatch solution service, in which it got its first name. 
  • The name was changed to Bolt to reflect the tech firm future rather than its past. 

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Also, South Africa country manager of Bolt has this to say;

  • The new name Bolt represents fast, effortless movement and experience in driving around big cities.
  • The company believes that electric cars is the future of transport system globally.

The new name Bolt will be made available to users next week. The company said that users do not need to take action. The mobile app will automatically update to the new brand name.

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