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ZTE Axon V and Axon S designs show new way to go bezel-less

The struggle for a full screen smartphone had been a great one. Starting from 2017, smartphone company had looks for ways to avoid the huge bezels in their top premium phones. And as such many came up with one design or another. But Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi were the only tech company that were able to get rid of the bezels in totality.

Vivo and Oppo for example invented a pop or sliding technology that brings out the cameras from inside the phone horizontally. This features were available for the selfie camera while the rear cameras are still inscribed to the back of the phone. ZTE, on its part, had provided another solution to bezel-less issue and it seems more better than other smartphone makers.

Several photos show rendering of an upcoming Axon V and Axon S shows a full front view and an unobstructed rear view. The cameras package slide vertically instead of horizontally, as it is in Vivo and Oppo, its slides vertically from the side of the phone. The selfie and rear cameras are located on the slider. ZTE style seems more beautiful and compact. It also ensure a full view smartphone at all sides.

The photo was first uploaded by an Italian website. According to the blog, the ZTE Axon S achieved a 95 percent screen to body ratio. Its has a triple camera built-up. The main camera is a 48MP lens, alongside 19MP secondary cameras. One of the rear cameras has 5X Optical zoom. Also, another of the camera can shift between an aperture of 1.7 to 2.4.

For the ZTE Axon V, no details were provided. But we know, its the dual rear camera smartphone you can see in the photos. Also, the ZTE Axon S and V are among the smartphone that is likely to be released with a 5G tech.

What I don't know about the ZTE Axon S and Axon V

I don't know the prices for the smartphones. Aside the aforementioned specifications, there is nothing else known about these smartphones. It is also possible that the phones may be a gimmick and will never see the light of day. Well, regarding this, I don't know what to believe until more information are made available to us by tipsters. Further, if it turns out to be real and not speculative, when will the ZTE Axon S and V be launched? Which countries will have access to its usage? These are questions that will require answers.

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