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2019 iPhone XI has three cameras packed in a square

Apple’s  iPhone for 2019 was batched out first and exclusively by a top and most criticized tipster, known as Onleaks on Twitter. However, as it is said, “time will tell” Onleaks has proved himself to be the most accurate tipster in the mobile phone industry. In January, he provides a gleam of the design of the 2019 iPhone.

Recently, his exclusive design is still very much relevant. According to him, the 2019 Apple’s flagship smartphone may probably be called, iPhone XI. Various sources claimed that Apple Inc. may launch three variants of the iPhone XI. Two premium smartphone similar to iPhone XS and XS Max. And a lite version closed to iPhone XR released in 2018.

The design for the iPhone XI as provided by Onleaks is base on the rear view. And the aspect that has caught many persons attention is the cameras. A square-like module should house the three cameras of the iPhone XI. Fans are skeptical of the design and may prefer the vertical format for the rear cameras.

Aside the above, the three cameras are not property arranged. Two of the rear cameras are on the same vertical view. But the third camera is at the fair right of the others. The flashlight can be spotted in the square shape.

For the front view, the tipster didn’t revealed any photo. Although, rumors had it that Apple may continued the use of it’s notch design despite the spread of Samsung infinity design for its flagship smartphones. Which is widely used by other smartphone creators.

So much is yet to be known on the iPhone XI. The cameras sizes are yet to be known. Will Apple maintain the notch design for the third generation of the iPhone X? The dimensions are unknown. It is very probable that the iPhone XI may exclude 5G hardware in its chipset.

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