Bank fraud affects two elderly in Nigeria

Many Nigerians had been victimized by bank fraud. A report shows that bank fraud hits 3.6 Billion Naira this year. This is a 1.6 billion increment from 2018 figure. Bank cyber fraud do not just affects the youth but also the elderly.

Two posts on Twitter revealed that, elderly persons are also affected by bank fraud. The tweets mentioned two older persons above the age of 80 years who lost a lump sum of money to bank's fraudsters. A tweet stated that one of the elderly lost a sum of 700,000 Naira. The other lost more than 200,000 Naira.

The foster children who posted the tweet feared the health issues of their parents. As if that isn’t enough, it seems that the banks' customer representative are not taking the issues seriously, leaving the old parents to their faith.

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Cyber fraud had been a long standing issue in Nigeria. Most times the problem falls on the bank customers’ failure to be alert to it’s bank details. Other times, the challenge is within the Nigeria banking system. NCC published ways individuals should protect themselves from fraud.

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