Mobile Phone Shoppers consider these checklists before buying a phone

Buying a new device especially a flagship smartphone involve huge amount of money. So, care must be taken before an outright purchases. At least, having a basic idea of what you needed in a smartphone is vital.

Many persons had been deceived by fraudsters in buying a particular smartphone because they are unaware of the feel, design and power of the phone of interest. These persons had toiled hard to saved from their hard earned money, only for the cash to fall on thin air. Here are five checklist to consider before buying your next smartphone...


An important aspect of buying a smartphone, especially flagship ones, is efficiency. An efficient smartphone is one that users get quality results at the point of use. This implies that whatever task the consumer performed the phone do not have to delay in carrying out the task.

Here, optimum performance is the key. Deciding what constitutes an optimum performance is difficult. However, by comparison with other smartphones this becomes clear. A good way of testing optimum performance is searching the internet with your device. How fast is it compare to another brand of phone. Another way is through playing o games with each phones you are interested in.

The metrics here is a broad! Generally, to achieve efficiency, the system on chips, the central processing unit as well as the RAM must be considered.

Another area of efficiency is the battery. An efficient battery means that the phone can last for a minimum of 12 hours of continuous usage. This is a rule of thumb. Modern phones charged 50 percent of battery juice in 30 minutes.


The design is an important aspect but it is a matter of personal decision. Why do I say design is a personal decision?

You may choose between a non bezel smartphone, water drop notch, iPhone notch design or a full view one. Or decide to use a smaller size screen or a longer one. In addition, you may prefer a glassy design smartphone, metal or a diamond fired design. This is your personal decision. More so, this decision is subject to what the phone manufacturers had to offer.

What techies are saying.

There are so many smartphone review bloggers and enthusiasts and vlogger all over the internet. In Nigeria, Tobi Ayeni, Eric Okafor, Fisayo Fosudo and lot of others provides video reviews of major smartphones in the country. You can consider what they are saying before making a buying decision. Reviews from tech expert revealed important areas of a smartphone that will guide your buying decision.


Consideration should be given on what you can afford. You shouldn't want a smartphone your earnings cannot afford. The saying, cut your Colt according to your size is a powerful tip here. However, a person with low earnings should afford a flagship smartphone, if he is committed to saving for it, even if it will take years.

But, should buying expensive phone be the person's priority. That depend on the usefulness o the phone to the prospective consumer. Working out a good budget may work out on this check list.

Another area worth considering here is how phones are classified. There are budget smartphone, mid-range smartphones and premium or flagship smartphones. A budget smartphone is affordable to everyone. With little savings and in less than six month, a low income earner could get a budget smartphone.

Middle range smartphone and premium phones needs good amount of cash to purchase it. So, watch out for this.


Smartphone is called a mobile phone for one reason. It is easily carried about from on place to another. So, considering the method of carrying a smartphone is very important. Will you put it in a pulse? Is it in a hand bag you will keep it while moving from one place to another? Or maybe in your little small pocket? Probably on your hands. These factors should be considered during your purchasing decision.


Buying a smartphone shouldn't be done in an hurry or buy just following what your friends are saying in your community. It is mostly a personal one. You should consider the efficiency, performance, budgets, what techies are saying and convenience.

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