Recent data revealed Electric Cars need Oil and Gas Industry

It had been said by many experts that Electric Cars, EV, will replace fuel combostion engines leading to the fall of oil and gas industry. However, the opposite is probable, at least for now. Recent data revealed that EVs require a form of products and by-product of from the sector. Aside that, the data shows 50 percent of materials used in manufacturing traditional vehicles are from different produce of the oil sector. 

Plastics and other polymiers are byproduts of crude oil and usually passes through various processes to be formed. Electric cars needed polymiers. The report shows that to make cars more efficient polymiers are used. And this is true! Most vehicles in vougue are made from plastics.

For Evs, polymiers are a most. The batteries are heavyweigh. To help reduce this, polymiers are necessary. As stated, heavyweigh cars are less efficient and fast than lightweigh's. Therefore, manufacturers of Electric Vehicles must used plastics which are produced by companies in the oil and gas industry. 

More to these, earlier report have unveiled that 2018 was the year crude oil product and byproduct was mostly used ever since the discovery of this gigantic sector. Also, reports forecast the sector may received more boast in 2019. This recent times only shows more used of oil and gas as a major source to energy than ever. EVs companies will continue the use of this old sector until another solution.

Photo credit: Bloomberg

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