GoKada and Lagos Boat launch of GBoat water transport in Lagos Island

GoKada plans launch of GBoat in 2020

Nigeria famous on demand and ride-hailing tech startup Gokada has stated that it plans to launch a new transport model to help reduce traffic in Lagos State. In a statement made on its social media, the tech company posted its plan to launch GBoat soon. It's new technology enabled water transport was made possible as a result of partnership with Lagos Boat.

The statement reads in part: “Coming to you sooner than you know! Beating the traffic and doing more with time spent in gridlocks just got more interesting, GBoat is here!”

Though, the use of boats as a means of transportation is not new in Lagos, GBoat will provides a tech enabler to make it a more efficient, effective and of course convenience means of water transport placing emphasis on safety.

Similar to its Okada on demand business, GBoat may have a mobile app. Commuters can use the app on their mobile phone as a platform to book for a ride on a boat. The GBoat model may be better than others, as the tech company will want to build a good reputation so as to protect its name and business before sector saturated.

In addition, the future of Lagos is Eko Atlantic. According to the prototype, the transport system for this new city, still on construction, is by water. People coming in and out of the city certainly need boats as a means of transportation. For GBoat, it simply mean a plan in the right direction.

Gokada in less than two years, received a sum of 5.4 million USD in series A funding round to expand it business. It is likely, although not confirmed, that a portion of this fund will be used to invest on GBoat. Gokada commences business in 2018 and in few months it has over 1000 motorbikes and had trained its riders on safety.


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