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Truecaller adds free voice calling feature to Android App

Number one anti spam service and call ID smartphone app available in Nigeria, Truecaller has released a voice calling feature to its Android mobile app. It promises to make the feature available to all Android users within weeks.

This new feature made Truecaller a major competitor to WhatsApp, a messenger platform owned by Facebook. WhatsApp users utilise the video and voice features in the App with the use of data and WiFi on the user’s smartphone. However, users at times faces distortion or inability to make calls as a result of poor network service from telecommunications companies.

Truecaller claims that it will provide free call services that works uninterrupted no matter the quality of the network. The mobile tech company had been taking aggressive expansion recently. In the past few years its added five features to its App most of which are not readily available in Nigeria.

Messaging, mobile money, ad-support, subscription service and call recording features were already available on the Truecaller App. Truecaller had more than 140 million users out of which 100 million are from India, although it is based in USA. And has such, users in the country has been interfacing with all the features in true aforementioned mobile App. Including borrowing money through it.

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The technology firm had experiment free voice call few weeks ago before making it available, a representative of the Truecaller told Techcrunch. There has been an alpha and beta testing with a test user group for the past four weeks. As if that isn’t enough, Truecaller may also released another feature soon. Possible, group call. A feature that is lacking on WhatsApp mobile App.

As Truecaller tends to competes with the messenger giant, it is likely that Facebook may retaliate to improve the quality of WhatsApp and bring in more features to it. Moreover, more than two billion minutes video and voice call were made per day with WhatsApp mobile App in 2018.

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