African Bitcoin Bull returns unearned 80k worth of Bitcoin

African Bitcoin Bull returns unearned 80k worth of Bitcoin
Photo by Keith 

The Nigerian Bitcoin guru, Keith, returned an unearned sum of Bitcoin to someone who mistakenly sent it to his Bitcoin wallet. Keith, also called African Bitcoin Bull said this in his Twitter account. The currency was mistakenly sent to his account from someone he has regularly transacted Bitcoin.

Instead of quietly keeping the huge fund and buy a Mason in a big city in Nigeria, the Bitcoin pro honestly broadcasted it. And returned the 7.8 Bitcoins to the owner.

Although, not everyone appreciates what he did, however, his efforts received lots of praise from the Twitter community. Plus, Beauxy Exchange, a US-based cryptocurrency exchange platform, also among the companies that commend what he did. Keith is also an ambassador for the Exchange for Africa.

Bitcoin currently sells at 3.5 Million Naira as at when writing this post. A minority of Nigerians know of Cryptocurrency. Further, Bitcoins lacks regulation in the country, even though it is a valuable investment.

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