Bus riding platform PlentyWaka to be launched today by Crowdvest

Bus riding platform PlentyWake to be launched today by Crowdvest
Founder and CEO of Crowdyvest

Crowdyvest, the investment tech company to Farmcrowdy, an agrotech company will launch a bus-riding service, Plentywaka, in Lagos today. It will offer commuters to move from one pace to another with ease. The startup is a technology base transport model where commuters can call for its drivers with a few taps on their mobile devices and make a payment without the use of physical cash.

Plantywaka will start operation in CMS to Ajah axis. It's objective is to allow users to schedule their rides from their preferred to pick up location to their desired destination. Users will receive real-time information about their ride. Plus, it will offer commuters convenience, comfort, and a safe method of transportation.

It also aimed at reducing congestion in Lagos road. Further, it takes into consideration the lapses of the current transport system in the country. For investors, Crowdyvest has provided a platform for them to sponsor a project on Plentywaka, similar to what it does with Farmcrowdy. You can find sponsorship in Crowdyvest website.

Speaking on the issue, the managing director of Plantywaka, Johnny Enagwolor states: “PlentyWaka is the next step for the future of the transport system in Lagos. Having access to safe, convenient and accessible transportation option is crucial to reducing bad driving, related crashes, and possible eventualities.”

Also, the Founder and CEO of Crowdyvest comment on the new bus riding platform and how it contributed to the attainment of the United Nation's SDGs.

“Crowdyvest was launched to foster a broader avenue for economic growth and build a system that will span across Nigeria and the rest of Africa. With the launch of PlentyWaka, we are focusing on innovation and better infrastructure in transportation for everyday Lagosians.”

Plantywaka will be competing with other technology is driven bus riding platform, OBus, Bolt, and Uber.

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