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Here is NCC guidelines for Sim Replacement

Here is NCC guidelines for Sim Replacement
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Below is the Sim replacement guideline provided by the Nigerian Communication. It contains all issues regarding replacement of sims from any of he consumer telecom companies, MTNN, Globacom, 9Mobile and Airtel.

1. Introduction
1.1 In exercise of the powers conferred upon it by Sections 70 of the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003 and all other enabling powers in that behalf, the Commission hereby make these Guidelines.

1.2 These Guidelines are principally intended to prescribe a standard procedure for SIM Replacement to be used by Network Service Providers.

2. Objectives
The Objectives of these Guidelines are to:

2.1 Prescribe a regulatory framework and provide a procedure for network providers to effect a SIM Replacement for subscribers.

2.2 To stipulate the minimum standard of care which operators shall exercise in order to prevent unauthorised replacements of SIMs.

2.3 Provide guidance on the standard and procedure which Network Service Providers are expected to adhere to in the process of conducting a SIM Replacement.

3. Scope

3.1 These Guidelines shall apply to all Network Service Providers that provide service using SIMs and R-UIMs.
3.2 The Guidelines apply to all subscribers including postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

4. Circumstances When a Subscriber’s SIM can be Replaced 

4.1 A SIM can be replaced if it is faulty, damaged, stolen, lost, obsolete (but eligible for replacement or an upgrade), and any other reasonable legitimate reason or condition necessitating a SIM replacement. Provided that an operator may refuse a SIM Replacement request where there are reasonable grounds to believe that the replacement ought not to be carried out and the Commission is notified within 24 hours of such a decision.

4.2 The medium of reporting rejected SIM Replacements would be in the same data dump format utilized for submission of SIM registration details, subject to any modifications the Commission may make from time to time.

5. Persons Authorized to Carry Out a SIM Replacement

All SIM Replacements shall be undertaken by Network Service Providers or their licensed agents/dealers.

6. Requirements for SIM Replacement 
6.1 The request for SIM Replacement can be made by a Subscriber.

6.2 The SIM must have been registered in accordance with the Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations issued by the Commission.

6.3 The subscriber requesting for the replacement must provide the following:

a. Information about the three (3) most frequently called numbers from that SIM which must be verified by the Network Service Provider. The frequently called numbers must have been dialed at least five times over a 30 days period.

b. Where the SIM to be replaced is a data SIM, the subscriber will be required to provide any two of the following:

i. Last recharge amount and date
ii. Name of internet bundle value activated and data allowance allocated
iii. Last three (3) sites visited.
c. An affidavit signed by the subscriber and a passport photograph of the subscriber where the replacement is to be done by a proxy.

d. Details of the last recharge on the SIM.

e. Details of the last paid invoice for post-paid subscribers.
6.4 The SIM must be active on the network of the operator.

6.5 A person requesting a replacement must fill a Standard Form as provided in the Schedule to these Guidelines for SIM Replacement.

6.6 A valid photo identification of the Subscriber must be provided.

6.7 The SIM pack or other evidence of direct purchase/ownership of the SIM must be provided and where it is unavailable, an affidavit attesting to the ownership and loss of the SIM must be provided.

6.8 The Network Service Provider must capture a facial image of the subscriber which must be kept for twelve (12) months.

6.9 All completed SIM Replacement Forms and other requirements as stated in these Guidelines must be verified and approved by the Network Service Provider before carrying out the SIM Replacement.

6.10 Upon satisfactory receipt of validated information the Network Service Provider may execute the replacement and provide the person requesting the replacement with a new SIM.

7. SIM Replacement by Proxy 

7.1 A SIM Replacement may be carried out by proxy.

7.2 Any SIM Replacement carried out by proxy must be in accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 6 above.

7.3 Where a replacement is done by a proxy, such proxy will be required to provide an affidavit sworn to by the owner of the SIM detailing reasons for the replacement, as well as the reasons for the subscriber’s inability to carry out the replacement, a copy of the subscriber’s means of identification and a valid photo identification of the proxy.

7.4 A request for a SIM replacement may be made by a proxy for MSISDNs registered in the name of a corporate entity, where such proxy has been duly designated as the entity’s interface with the operator on record, and produces a sworn affidavit by the entity duly authorizing the replacement.

7.5 The proxy shall be required to fill the Form in accordance with Paragraph
6.5 above.

7.6 Where a SIM Replacement is carried out by proxy, the Network Service Provider must capture a facial image of the proxy which must be kept for twelve (12) months.

7.7 The Network Service Provider shall keep all documents and information provided by the Proxy which shall be kept for twelve (12) months.

8. Register/ Auditing of SIM Replacement Transactions 

8.1 The Network Service Provider must carry out a quarterly audit of SIM Replacement transactions carried out by both its staff and agents to ensure the integrity of its Replacement processes and that appropriate documentation was in all cases provided that appropriate documentation was in all cases provided prior to Replacement.

8.2 A Report on the audit in Paragraph 8.1 must be forwarded to the Commission in Microsoft Excel format as provided in Schedule 2 of these Guidelines for SIM Replacement.

8.3 All Network Service Providers must keep a register of all SIM Replacements undertaken by it for not less than twelve (12) months.

9. Online SIM Replacement

9.1 Online SIM Replacement can only be carried out either through the Network Service Provider’s secured website or self-service terminal.

9.2 The Network Service Provider shall create on its secured website a platform where Subscribers can carry out SIM Replacement using the unique Identification and PIN issued by the Network Service Provider.

9.3 The Network Service Provider shall issue interested Subscribers with a unique Identification and PIN.

9.4 The Subscriber is required to purchase a new SIM Card to which the MSISDN of the old SIM Card would be transferred.

9.5 The Subscriber can login to the portal through the Network Service Provider’s secured website using the unique Identification and Personal Information Number (PIN) issued to the Subscriber.

9.6 The Subscriber will input the following information;

a. Date of Birth
b. Mother’s Maiden Name
c. Place of Birth
d. Three frequently called numbers
e. The MSISDN of the SIM to be replaced.

9.7 Where the information provided matches the record on the Network Service    Provider’s system, the Subscriber will be prompted to enter the MSISDN of the new SIM purchased and the operator would then the carry out the SIM replacement by transferring the old MSISDN to the new SIM.

9.8 No Network Service Provider is allowed to carry out SIM Replacement over the phone.

10. Activation

A replacement SIM shall be activated within two (2) hours once the verification of Subscriber information has being carried out.

11. Violations and Penalties

11.1 Any SIM Replacement done in violation of these Guidelines shall be sanctioned in accordance with the Enforcement Regulations.

11.2 A Network Service Provider shall be held liable for any SIM Replacement carried out in violation of these Regulations or done fraudulently by its agent or dealer.

11.3 The subscriber can pursue any other remedies against a Network Service Provider for any SIM Replacement done fraudulently by such Network Service Provider or its agent or dealer.

12. Interpretation

The terms and expressions used in these Guidelines shall have the same meaning as defined in the Act unless the context otherwise requires.

“Act” means the Nigerian Communications Act 2003 as may be amended from time to time.

“An Agent or Dealer” refers to an individual or firm authorized to act on behalf of a Network Service Provider regarding SIM Replacement. Commission” shall have the same meaning as in the Nigerian Communications Act 2003.

“Enforcement Regulations” means the Nigerian Communications (Enforcement Processes; etc) Regulations 2005, as may be amended from time to time.

“MSISDN” means Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number and is the telephone number assigned to a SIM.

“Network Service Provider” as provided in the Nigerian Communications Act, 2003.

“Online SIM Replacement” means the process by which a subscriber can replace its SIM online.

“Photo Identification” This includes an International Passport, Drivers Licence or National Identity card or voter’s identification card or Letter of Authentication by a traditional ruler/community leader affixed with passport photograph, Affidavit and declarations sworn to under oath.

“PIN” means Personal Identification Number

“Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations” means the Registration of Telephone Subscribers Regulations 2011 as may be amended from time to time.

“SIM” means a Subscriber Identity Module, and includes Removable User Identity Module (RUIM).

“SIM Replacement” means the process by which a SIM is replaced by a Network Service Provider enabling the subscriber keep the same phone number being used on the faulty, damaged, stolen, or lost SIM.

“Subscriber” means a person who subscribes to data or Mobile Telecommunication Services by purchasing a subscription medium or entering into a subscription contract with a Network Service Provider.

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