Still on NNPC: DPR closed NNPC Petrol Station in Uyo

Still on NNPC: DPR closed NNPC Petrol Station in Uyo

Department of Petroleum Resources DPR had closed an NNPC filling station in Uyo. The reason for such closure was due to failure on the part of the management of the filling station to follow safety precautions when discharging petroleum products at filling willing.

The Operations Controller of DPR in Akwa Ibom, Mr. Tamunoiminabo Kinsgley-Sunday who disclosed the information to a journalist on Petroleum said the filling station was discharging petroleum products and at the same time dispensing it for public use.

The NNPC filling station was caught, some hours ago, discharging and at the same time dispensing to the public, the place was crowded with vehicles and buyers, which is a serious offense,” he said.

He said that 75 percent of fire incident in Petrol station was as a result of of of the above situation. Therefore, the closure was done to ensure safety standards and regulations.

Me Augustine Effiong, the Manager of the filling station that was closed admitted to the unsafe behavior and stated that it was expected of them to discharge petroleum products in the morning and evening periods and not in the afternoon.

“We were told to discharge in the morning hours, provided it was not the dispensing line we were discharging to,” he said.

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