Microsoft cut jobs by 1000 employees. Report shows

Microsoft cut jobs by 1000 employees. Report shows

Recent report from Axios on Tuesday, as posted by Reuters shows that Microsoft Inc. cut down jobs by 1000 employees this week. The tech company is not the first to either lay off employees or slow hiring amid the U.S looming economic recession. 

Microsoft Inc has been reached but they are yet to reply to Reuters on the issue. The job cut affects less than one percent of the total workforce of the corporation. The 1000 employees that lost their job were from various divisions of the technology company.

This is not the first of the big tech companies in the United States that have laid off staff within a few months. As the Global economy slowdown continues, Meta, Twitter and Snap Inc have recently cut down their employees. 

In 2017, the corporation was reported corporation was reported to have sacked more than 3000 staff. While reports claimed that it is their tradition, current job cuts may reflect the global economic condition. 

Source: Reuters

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